About Us


Our vision at Spa Destinations is to journey beyond beauty, to be a guide for creating sacred rituals and wellness experiences that bring balance to mind, body and spirit. 

We are on a mission to inspire, not only with our products but by sharing solutions to everyday life challenges that bind us together.  

Spa Destinations celebrates the divine sparks between all of us that create our timeless, beautiful connections.

Spa Destinations is an environmentally conscious luxury brand of personal care products for at-home spa experiences.

Our rich Greek heritage in Tarpon Springs, Florida dates back to the early 1900’s when Greek immigrants built a thriving Natural Sponge Industry. Tarpon Springs is known as “The Sponge Capitol of the World”.

We know natural sponges. We hand select every natural sponge and source our accessories from around the world. Every Spa Destinations product comes with a 100 % Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Story 


Greek immigrants bring sponge diving to Tarpon Springs.


Spa Destinations team joins the professional beauty industry, promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly brands.


Spa Destinations brand is conceived to create an at-home spa experience in every home.


Spa Destinations is launched to share beauty secrets from around the world.


Brand refresh with re-launch and new exciting formulas






TAMPA, Fla.Feb. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CEO of Spa Destinations Theo Prodromitis announced today that the company’s line of natural sponges

and luxury personal care products will expand to Europe on Amazon.